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Amish Farms Soap is a quality handmade, natural bar soap carefully prepared using a secret family recipe handed down for generations. Amish Farms Soap is handcrafted in Springfield, Missouri.

Amish Farms Soap is a cold process handmade soap that is produced under very low temperatures. The curing process lasts for over one month before the soap is hand cut into bars.

Amish Bar Soap

There are only a handful of natural ingredients used in Amish soap making. Amish Farms Soap is natural soap made with palm oil, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, tallow, water, natural glycerin, powdered oatmeal and natural wildflower scent.

Each Amish Natural Soap Bar weighs 4 ounces and comes hand cut in four vibrant colors: white, aqua green, laurel green, pink, violet, peach and orange.

Try what we call the world’s best soap today! Amish Farms Soap is terrific for washing the whole body and has a wonderful, clean fragrance. The lather is ultra thick, silky smooth and great for shaving or washing hair.

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